Skryv exists to simplify administrative processes and documents, because less hassle means better service.

Skryv simplifies your administration

Managing an administrative process can be hard. Moreover, citizens, companies and civil servants expect an optimal digital experience.

We believe that the elements that lead to a simplified administration are information structuring, deep integration, seamless collaboration and knowledge harvesting. In short: we move beyond digital paper!

Our low-dev platform bundles all functionality and best practices needed to do so. Within weeks, you can have your simplified processes and documents up and running.

Our team combines 30+ years of consulting, simplification expertise and software building to make your simplification journey reality!

Skryv's expertise and tools allowed us to simplify and automate our intake process, enhancing transparency and reducing completion time for us and our customers.


Use cases that benefit from simpler administrative handling

Quality Reporting. Do you have quality reports that need to be filled in, validated and tracked? Use Skryv to simplify the completion of these reports.

Intake Processes. Are you spending a lot of time on your intake process and administration? Use Skryv to scale and simplify the administrative work.

Service Agreements. Are your clients struggling when registering for your service to complete the corresponding administrative documents? Use Skryv to improve their experience. At the same time, you will receive high-quality data that can be integrated in your back-office.

Your Administrative Process? Are you dealing with processes that involve a lot of (digital) paper? Or is your current digital tooling not giving you the simplification you expect? Get in touch to “think and try”: after 4 workshops you have a working prototype!

Skryv Low-Dev Platform

Skryv's low dev platform is designed around 4 base principles: information structuring, deep integration, seamless collaboration & knowledge harvesting (read more on our blog). Each of these principles is translated into several modules on our low-dev platform.

Not all use cases need the same functionality, so we created 3 bundles to get you started:

eForms for quickly setting up digital information caputering without coding. Each form comes with a system-to-system API, enabling (partial) prefilling with pre-existing data.

Administration Management for setting up a platform to handle your processes & cases. Maximally configuration driven and easy to extend.

Structured Writing, when your piece of the administration puzzle deals with semi-structured text (such as rulings, legislation, ...). [under construction]

Each of these bundles combines best practices with innovative technology for maximal ease-of-use and simplicity. Get your working prototype in 4 workshops through our "think & try" workshops.

A working prototype in 4 workshops

We bundled our knowledge in a series of 4 “Think & Try” workshops that will help you to find simplification for your administrative process.

In these 4 workshops, we analyse - in collaboration with your experts - the administrative process and identify the complications when going through the process.

Based on that understanding, we work out a personalised simplification roadmap, as well as a working prototype on the Skryv platform.

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Working for Skryv

Skryv is a young company with high ambitions. We are looking for top talents who thrive on freedom, make the difference by taking ownership and creatively tackle challenging problems.

 Skryv is hiring a software engineer!

Skryv is growing. There’s 10 of us, but we need more brains! If you join us, you’ll work on high-impact tracks: we are creating solutions that will simplify the completion of (administrative) documents for thousands of users.

More info in the job description



Are you passionate about modern technologies such as HTML5, Angular, Node.js? Do you know your way around proven technologies (Java, SQL, ...)? Share your (personal) projects on GitHub, Bitbucket or similar and convince us!

We are also happy to coach ambitious students in their first professional experience!


Are you looking for opportunities to apply your research in Artifical Intelligence, Semantics or Natural Language Processing in a modern software package? Feel free to get in touch to discuss our roadmap and the possibilities for collaboration.

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