Skryv Digital Administration Platform

An OPEN Platform for Quick Assembly of Digital Administration Applications with Smart Process & Case Management. Fully Digital, Fast and Low-dev.


The Digital Administration Platform provides you with the building blocks you need to quickly assemble digital workflow applications. Ranging from smart subsidies to permit handling, you can expect the following benefits.


Velocity thanks to self-service & straight-through processing

Quality & Predictability

Quality & predictability of the workflow, of which all information & metrics are available for continuous improvement


Agility during set-up with our low-dev approach

Cloud-Ready and API-Driven Architecture

Modern, cloud-ready and API-driven architecture leveraging best of breed engines (Camunda, ElasticSearch, docker …)

Global standards

The platform is built around global standards such as BPMN, CMMN & DMN. It is composed of tools that foster co-creation and are mainly open source.

Use Cases

Smart Subsidies

Provide citizens and organisations with a fast and correct response to their subsidy requests. Allow your team to focus on tasks with true added value by automating eligibility checks and subsidy calculations based on regulations and available data. Optimally distribute the work across your collaborators. Integrate with payment modules. All these building blocks are part of the Digital Administration Platform and allow you to quickly set up your smart subsidies treatment.

Permit Handling

Do you want to automate permit handling, restricting any manual work to exceptional cases? Leverage the building blocks of our Digital Administration Platform: Automate your decision taking, generate customer feedback, trigger external services and obtain a clear reporting.

Intake Process

Quickly and reliably collect and disseminate the information you need from your (future) customers!


Discover the simplification potential in your administrative workflow with our

Think & Try Workshops

In 3 sessions, you obtain a working prototype on our Digital Administration Platform, along with a roadmap for simplification.


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