Customisation Options


The Skryv platform comes with a standard user interface that covers the common usage needs. On top of that, it is possible to customise it in terms of available features, look and feel, translations, etc. HTML, Sass & Javascript (Angular) are the technologies used for front-end customisations.

Information Model

The information model of your application can be edited with the information modeller. This modeller comes with out-of-the-box support for a large number of 'content types', e.g. support for numbers, for text fields, for choice lists, for multichoices lists, etc. Each of these content types has its own properties or modalities. If the out-of-the-box content types or modalities are not sufficient, the underlying information engine can easily be updated with new content types and modalities. Javascript is the technology used for these customisations.


Back-end customisations allow you to integrate the application in your ecosystem. You can call external services, implement custom task assignment or add functionality such as a file reader to launch cases & processes in batch mode. Java is the technology used for these customisations.