Skryv's Digital Administration Platform gives you the ability to transform you administration in a quick and easy way. Using the Digital Administration Platform, anyone can set-up and execute automatic processes and cases, link information, gain insight and more. The following features underpin this functionality.

Process Automation & Case Management

Building applications with automated processes & dynamic cases doesn’t have to be hard. The Skryv platform allows you to easily model and run workflow based applications: what you model is what you get!

Information Management

Skryv's DAP makes application information modelling as easy as possible. You define which information is to be collected throughout the workflow lifecycle. The platform transforms the model in forms, pdf templates, API endpoints, download formats, ...

Intuitive & Fast User Interface

The Skryv's digital administration platform comes with an intuitive and fast user interface. From task lists to search, from task forms to case history. Our low-dev framework provides plenty of possibilities to tailor the user interface to your specific needs!

Connectors & Integration Framework

No workflow application lives on an island. So the platform offers a full set of set of system-to-system connectors and integration mechanisms. Webhooks, REST Api, Database & File connectors just to name a few.

Search & Reporting

The Skryv digital administration platform provides easy and quick access to all data. An advanced search engine allows you to create fast and powerful queries, which can serve as the basis for your reporting!


The platform provides standard support for LDAP & Oauth2 based authentication schemes. Administrators configure authorisations on the various operations, enforced throughout the platform.