Functional Analyst - Skryv

Functional Analyst

You help clients with the simplification of their (administrative) documents and processes. Throughout a series of workshops, you work with them to identify the simplification opportunities and set up the process and documents on our platform.

A day at Skryv

Your workday starts at the client’s site, at our office near Brussels Central Station or at home. You open your laptop, check in to say hello and start the day with one of the following tasks:

  • You simplify the structure of the administrative documents and processes by rethinking the functional flow, the information on the documents, the questions, wording, etc. In all cases, you honour the principle of simplification and clarity.
  • You search for supporting functionality to further reduce the time to complete the process or document (e.g. Where can questions be pre-filled? Which questions can be deduced from other questions? Which steps are optional? …).
  • You set up the Skryv platform for the use case and test the result. When doing this, you search for common patterns to reduce the overall work and finetune our simplification approach.
  • You interact with clients to support the 3 roles described above: you (i) participate in client workshops to understand the document structure and processing, (ii) you discuss potential simplifications and (iii) you present the solution on the Skryv platform.
  • You work together with the rest of the team (commercial, product management, dev) to identify and define creative and innovative solutions for client challenges
  • You provide the development team with the functional specifications of new features.

Your profile

Do you recognise yourself in this description? We want you to fit in with the team. Do not worry if you cannot tick all of the boxes yet, we are not perfect either.

  • You have a background in functional analysis and/or technical writing. You have a master in business engineering, business management,.. or equivalent through experience
  • You have a strong affinity for or interest in web technologies.
  • You are a good communicator, both in English and Dutch. You feel comfortable in client workshops and are willing to take the lead in these workshops (over time).
  • You want to take ownership of your work and deliver top quality
  • You have the guts to work at a dynamic scale-up. This means that you are self-driven and autonomous, that you like to work in a quickly changing environment and have a flexible attitude whenever the job requires it (which works both ways, as you can read below)

What do we offer apart from your paycheck?

We want you (and all of us) to become the best in what we do. So you’ll get:

  • A learning path that will advance your career, at Skryv we continuously invest in our employees. You’ll learn on the job from your colleagues and through formal training. There is plenty of room for specific training to develop your technical skills. For soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, we organise company workshops and training.
  • Flexibility to organise your work, including home working when possible (as said, flexibility works both ways!)
  • A sports budget, a mobility budget (you choose how you move around), health insurance, a group insurance and we cover for your work-related expenses.
  • And of course, we have fun! No need to be serious all the time! Every 2nd Thursday of the month, we go for a drink, play games and have a relaxed portion of fun.

What's the procedure?

Very simple: you drop us a note (, explaining why you want to work for Skryv and how your experience can help us to become even better as a company. A link to a repo, blog or any other info is always a plus! Next, we set up a Skype call to get to know each other. If you and we are convinced that there is a good match, you come over for a few hours. You meet the team and do a short exercise that resembles the work you will do. If both sides are still happy and fully convinced, we sign a contract and get going!

What are you waiting for?