Internship - Skryv


Skryv is a young and growing software company that focuses on smart technology. We offer a platform which helps businesses to simplify and automate their internal processes. Both in the private and public sector. E.g. subsidies, permit handling, … At Skryv we co-create to come to the best solution, in an environment of active coaching and lots of learning opportunities.

Skryv was founded in 2014 by Maarten Landuyt and Toon Timbermont. Today we are 10 people (combining staff in Belgium & elsewhere in the world). We combine modern technology with a start-up mentality, so expect interesting internships during which you’ll get your hands dirty!

What to expect?

We offer internships for Computer Science, (Applied) Informatics, Business Engineers and Economic, … students. We are also open for school projects (e.g. bachelor/master thesis) that are a good fit for our organisation. The assignment will be finetuned according to your interest and skills.

If you want to know more about internships at Skryv, read about Arno's and Mustafa's experience!

What's the procedure?

Very simple: you drop us a note (, explaining why you want to work for Skryv and how your experience can help us to become even better as a company. A link to a repo, blog or any other info is always a plus! Next, we set up a Skype call to get to know each other. If you and we are convinced that there is a good match, you come over for a few hours. You meet the team and do a short exercise that resembles the work you will do. If both sides are still happy and fully convinced, we sign a contract and get going!

What are you waiting for?