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Process automation

Ease your work, increase productivity

Your low-code tooling to automate repetitive tasks and decisions. Easy to maintain and 100% reliable.


Low-code set-up

Save cost and gain flexibility with our low-code tools. They allow you to quickly set up and maintain your processes without heavy dependency on the software vendor.

Self-service with Skryv Studio

Use the standards BPMN and DMN

Continuous evolutions of your rules


Orchestrate how third party data enters your systems, how information is modelled and other actions in your end-to-end process. Optimize the process in order to eliminate redundancies and increase productivity.

BPMN to quickly orchestrate actions

Information Management & Mapping

Decision automation

Support the case manager by automating decisions, so he can focus his efforts. Define the business rules in DMN and automatically generate an advice for specific questions. Obtain a lower error rate and overall quality improvement of dossiers.

System to system

Easily integrate the automated process in your (case management) system. You can trigger or manage it via the properly documented Rest API. To save even more time, you can execute the automated processes in bulk instead of executing them individually.

User interface

Use the easy & accessible user interface to quickly validate the automated processes. It also comes with an admin page and support tooling.

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Our Modules

Select and combine our modules for the needs of your digital government service


Front-office software to help you digitise your services, improve the quality of requests and inform the client.

Case management

Case management software to help you focus on the real deal, decrease the processing time and get insight into dossiers.

Process automation

Automation software to help you automate repetitive tasks, make decisions and increase productivity.


Connector software to help you reuse information, improve collaboration with others and to avoid copy-paste.