Easy customization​

You are in the driving seat. You can add or edit workflows, forms and conditions without the intervention of a developer. With a short training course, your (functional) analyst can work his way through the platform’s editors.

No technical wizard​

You do not need a technical background to understand the underlying models of the platform. We combine BPMN, DMN and CMMN. Both IT and business understand these international standards.

Training and documentation

We offer training and manuals to get you started.

Other features

Other features

What information do we hold of a citizen? What is the status? Who is working on this case? The dashboards and advanced search help you to maintain overview.

Control the entire process, from application to decision-making, in one platform. All the information you need is one click away and the platform adjusts to your processes.

Want to work more efficient? The platform automates your repetitive tasks and guides you step by step. You always have a clear overview of your tasks. Plus we send a reminder when a deadline approaches.

Divide the tasks, grant rights to all stakeholders and you are ready for take-off. The supervisor has an overview and can closely monitor the progress.

The Skryv Platform checks conditions and calculates amounts on your behalf. It is transparant, you avoid (calculation) errors and save time.

Via the e-loket you stay in touch with an applicant. One can fill in an application, check the status of his case or send additional information. Above that, documents and data are immediatly transferred to the platform which accelerates the process.

Time to put our heads together!

Is there room for automation? How do you get started? 
Let us share ideas, we’ll bring the post-its. 

Time to put our heads together!

Is there room for automation? How do you get started? Let us share ideas, we’ll bring the post-its. 

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