External communication

External communication

Templates for any communication

On the Skryv platform, you create templates for all types of communication. In this way, each employee uses the same tone of voice, images and structure. Use your corporate identity and adapt whenever you want.

Pre-filled messages

We automatically fill messages out with the right case information. Credentials of the customer, granted amount, additional documents,… You do not waste time on copy-pasting and you avoid typos.

What channel do you prefer?

You can send messages by post, email or via a digital mailbox (e.g. eBox for communication between citizens and Belgian government).

Other features

Other features

What information do we hold of a citizen? What is the status? Who is working on this case? The dashboards and advanced search help you to maintain overview.

Control the entire process, from application to decision-making, in one platform. All the information you need is one click away and the platform adjusts to your processes.

Do you work in a changing environment? With the Skryv Platform you can easily add or change workflows, forms and conditions. One big plus, you do not need to be a technical wizard to make these adjustments.

Want to work more efficient? The platform automates your repetitive tasks and guides you step by step. You always have a clear overview of your tasks. Plus we send a reminder when a deadline approaches.

Divide the tasks, grant rights to all stakeholders and you are ready for take-off. The supervisor has an overview and can closely monitor the progress.

The Skryv Platform checks conditions and calculates amounts on your behalf. It is transparant, you avoid (calculation) errors and save time.

Time to put our heads together!

Is there room for automation? How do you get started? 
Let us share ideas, we’ll bring the post-its. 

Time to put our heads together!

Is there room for automation? How do you get started? Let us share ideas, we’ll bring the post-its. 

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