Spaghetti and Ideas

Sometimes the time is right and the good mix of food, drinks and talk trigger the action. Skryv was "born"!

Aug 15, 2013

Showcasing the MVP

Nothing better than a working MVP to convince people of the value you bring. Showcasing the early development work proved the key to get our first big assignment.

Jan 22, 2014

Official creation of Skryv

First projects (healthdata.be), IWT partnership and growth to a team of 5

Jul 21, 2014

End of our first fiscal year

Extra clients & start of the development of our platform, growth to a team of 8

Sep 30, 2015

Platform in production

Skryv continues developing its platform, runs a platform in production and has a team of 10

Sep 30, 2016

Scaling up

After dealing with some growth pains, we are ready for the next phase: scaling up. Our platform is technically ready to do so and we launched a new product myJUSTBOX. We now work for several clients such as the Flemish Government, Federal Government, VIAA, Fednot and a large Belgian Bank. Moreover, we are a financially healthy company without external capital. So we can focus on our mission: smartly apply technology to realise administrative simplification.

Sep 29, 2017