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How we work

Velocity and flexibility is the name of our game in which we partner for results in an iterative journey.

Think & try

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Think & try

Think & try

Think & try

Nothing more energising than a good workshop. So we created a series of them, called Think & Try. We think with you and help you to get a clear view of the requirements and spot the potential of digitalisation and let you try through a demo environment for your digital government project. In this short-cycle (days!) we help you to get an idea of the future solution, the feasibility, cost and impact on the organisation.

The Think & Try is standardly built around two interactive workshops and one prototyping session.

Workshop 1 AS-IS

Finding simplification requires a good understanding of the root causes of complexity. So we start by understanding what people do and what problems they encounter. During the first workshop, we dive into the problems and objectives of the (end-)users. We introduce the concepts of persona, customer journeys or any other technique that urges you to think user-centred. The participants of the workshops are a mix of experts and project or IT managers.

Workshop 2 TO-BE

In the second workshop, we focus on the TO-BE solution: what should the ideal solution look like? Based on the problems and objectives of the persona, we use brainstorming techniques that trigger you to think outside the box. There are no boundaries on the ideas, the more innovative the better. A fun way to extract what is really important for the users and what features the end-solution should hold.

Workshop 3 Roadmap & Prototype

The AS-IS and TO-BE are the foundations of the roadmap, which is the key deliverable of the workshop sessions. If there is a good fit between your challenges and the building blocks we have, we also create a working prototype of the end-solution. Leveraging our low-code approach. This shows the potential and gives an idea of what you can reach in a short period of time.

This is how we roll

We are Digital Gov entrepreneurs

We approach challenges in an entrepreneurial way. We help you to shape your digital government services and challenge you to look beyond the obvious solution. We are pragmatic and have a problem-solving attitude.

Make it easy and partner for results

We look for ways to make it easier for you. We choose for co-creation and stimulate knowledge sharing with other governmental organisations. Together we come to the best solution and in the end, a better digital government.

Low-code with high velocity

Start small, implement your lessons learned and quickly improve. This way you can easily cope with changing insights, regulations, etc. Our low-code approach guarantees this velocity.

Towards a smart and low-code Digital Gov

We like to think along with you